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The road- Kanta

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Posted 05 July 2019 - 05:02 AM

Kanta looks at Katris with surprise for a moment and shakes his head


"I have no idea why since he never was a leader for me" as Kanta leaned against the wall and started to chuckle when he thought about Cain


"when I met him he tried to kill me so I shot him with this" as Kanta then held up his trusty shotgun with one hand and continued talking


"But Oh shiet and being the party Crashers stopped me from killing Cain.....I almost had manage to do him in but luck was on his side" as he sighed


"After that I got injured and couldn't walk but Cain then saved me...by throwing me and himself out of a moving truck" as Kanta then thought about it again with laugh coming on


"We could had died but we didn't since they didn't even turn back or check to see if anything was wrong...but after that he fixed my leg and then offered me a drink and a job" as Kanta started to get lost a bit in his story but felt that it didn't answer Katris question


"So the reason why I follow Cain Kartis is not because of anything like an idea or a dream and its not something crazy like his Strength when we fought" as kanta crossed those Ideas off the list


"I followed him because he payed me and offered me a drink but for other people its Probably something else I guess" as Kanta then hoped that answer would satisfy Katris

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