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The Inquisition

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For RP’ers and Warhammer Fans
Brothers and Sisters of the Western Continent, you are not free whose liberty is won by the rigour of other, more righteous souls. You are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the honorable man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it, your time has come. Now you must pay for your freedom in the currency of honest toil and Western blood.
For Everyone Else
We’re a small but growing guild intending to experience this game to the max. Our higher levels mentor our lower levels, we have dungeon groups formed from amongst us, and we are eager to spill the anime tainted blood of the Eastern Continent. Some RP is possible, but currently not mainstream – it’s generally organised by groups and done in party/raid chat, assets such as guild properties, clippers and the Galleon are available for RP if you contact Valerna.
We also have quite a few people who love trading (and have a merchant ship and multiple farm carts & wagons), however we recognise that not many people were able to secure the land required to run tradepack missions efficiently; to that end the guild has communal farms sponsored by the officers that are free for our members to use as they need. We also have Officer restricted farms used for growing the things we need for guild expansion, such as lumber for yet more boats.
Now that you know a bit more about us, we have a forum setup on the Gothic Wars Community Website – think of it as a similar thing to Enjin or Guildlauch, but not as isolated. We also have a Teamspeak server that can hold 512 people and our members are encouraged to use it for ArcheAge, but also any other game they may want to play – even if it’s with friends not in our guild, it’s there to be used and enjoyed.
We have no formal age requirement, nor do we turn away F2P players. All we ask is you talk in guild sometimes, and have a good time but don’t ruin others experience by being misogynistic, racist, or pre-school level immature. One of our GMs is male, the other female so we have a balanced perspective on things. Typically officers are on 4pm-10pm NZST (GMT+12 ish), but we have people on throughout the day and have members in both New Zealand and the Americas.
In-Game Contacts
  • Crucias – -CoGM
  • Valerna – CoGM
  • DragonSalsa – Officer
  • Izaiah – Officer
  • Elinwynn- Officer
  • Hailstrom- Officer
  • Primarchmagnus – Officer
Take care, and enjoy ArcheAge
TL;DR Version
PVE, PVP, Trade, RP Groups (inc Galleon RP), TS3, Website, Community Farms


Owner: CruciasNZ

Founded: 03-August 14

Members: 16

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  • Websites Now Operational

    by CruciasNZ Dec 08 2014 04:24 AM


    I have now completed the recruitment and diplomatic website (link below) and updated this website forums accordingly. We are now going to push to get members signed up and posting so we can use the forums here to plan events and interact.


    Inside the guild forums are a number of sub-forums containing useful information about the guild (such as Rules, Allies Lists, Teamspeak info etc etc). If anything is missing please suggest it. We'll also add more subforums as the needs arise (eg dedicated crafting subforum)


    Recruitment and Diplomacy Website

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  • Some douche saw our name and banner on Beta so copied it. Since Naia and I got stuck in the login loop malfunction he beat us to it. Result, we needed a new name.


    Result: The Inquisition


    Mission: Burning Heretics (especially the imposter guild :D )

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  • Launch is Upon Us

    by CruciasNZ Sep 12 2014 01:04 AM



    Game: ArcheAge

    Console: PC

    Region: NA

    Server: Tahyang

    Playstyle: PVP with a bit of PVE & occasional (and voluntary) RP tossed in

    Ingame Contact: Crucias

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  • Red Corsairs Ahoy!

    by CruciasNZ Aug 23 2014 01:06 AM



    Game: ArcheAge

    Console: PC

    Region: NA

    Server: Tahyang

    Playstyle: PVP with a bit of PVE tossed in

    Ingame Contact: Crucias or Felle


    Propaganda: Looks like we're going to have 15-20 core players gathered from GWRS and friends from previous MMOs. Aside from an initial purchase of the game it can be played for free (optional subscription) and we'll do lots of raids (here meaning BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD rather than WoW type PVE raids). If you want to have a laugh, want to spill blood, or want a cool cloak come and play with us  :D


    Note: There is a Red Corsairs faction on GWRS, join up and let's spill blood!


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