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The Blessing of Entropy

Chaos Nurgle Plague Marines Warhammer 40K fanfiction

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Posted 05 September 2016 - 12:36 AM

So please bear with me here, the following thread will be very much installment based - I am trying my hand at writing again, and this time with something completely new to me... NURGLE!!! 

The air was thick with flies, marred by the scent of rotting flesh and putrescence. Thick spans of rust covered the skeletal supports of the great hall, and the walls were sporadically warped with flesh and hives of maggots.
“Grandfather Nurgle, Great Lord of Entropy, Bless us this day with your creations” Intoned a vast space marine, ancient corroded armour creaking beneath a hooded cowl of decaying human skin. He walked down the centre of the congregation, swinging a rusted censer - a disease ridden artifact of corruption and slime. 
“In your name,” He continued, swinging the censer back and forth “we do today take your gifts to the Imperium of Man. That we might undermine the pillars of Order, and bring the light of your majesty to the multitude of heathens.” 
“In your name” echoed the congregation, a vast horde of kneeling - decaying - space marines. 
Reaching the front of the hall, the Chaos Lord turned, and stamped the butt of his huge warscythe on the metal floor. 
“Rise children of the Great Father,” He boomed “Let me tell you of the victory that we will gain” 
As one, over a hundred and fifty rotten marines stood, corrupted armour groaning and creaking - whispering of untold ailments and mutations. 
“The Imperium has grown fat, and weak.” Lord Corpulus declared 
“They are ripe for the blessings of the Father, and will soon feel the bounty of his grace in multitudes.” 
“This is not a war brothers, not simply of extermination.” Corpulus paused and looked around the assembled space marines before continuing “We must spread this gift to as many as we can, and swell the numbers of faithful this day. Compliance.” 
“In the name of the Father!” The congregation roars, and with that moves towards the exits. A small gathering of marines remains, waiting for the private counsel of the decayed chaos lord. 
Corpulus looks at the plague marines with a hint of savage pride. These are his best, most blessed warriors, and they will be instrumental in the battles to come. 
“Come brothers” he smiles “let us plague the imperium we once served, and bring them to the light of Nurgle!” 

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