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One year absence

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#1 Brother Agatone

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 03:43 AM

So last time I was on here was maybe about a year ago. Well anyways, I'm back, temporarily. In about another month or so I go back into the crucible they call high school. Just thought I'd summarize whats happened during my year long absence. 

I've had good times and bad times, but all in all, it was good year. School was hell. Right off the bat I was bombarded by lab reports and math tests, but thats what you would expect from an advanced high school program centered around math and science. Unfortunately, I and my fellow class mates found ourselves blindsided by this terrorizing new concept of standards based grading (its too painful to describe). Instead of my usual straight A's i got B's and then I nearly died of tachycardia and respiratory arrest when I got my first C in my entire life. Summarily speaking I survived my first year without total degradation to my mental prowess. 

On the bright side I got my first girlfriend ( I am one lucky bastard). Got my first job, Lifeguardiing, ( feels like I'm supervising slaanesh's watering hole of infinite suffering ( small children won't stop screaming), but hey money is money, and now I can take my girl out on a nice date and still afford to buy myself and xbox one and enjoy whenever I can, as long as I can retain my sanity through another year. 

On the more sports side of this year, I row crew, and lets just say it was glorious. I have now been baptized in sweat, blood, and tears. You may not have to have the physique of an astartes, but you certainly need the mental stability of one. This sport offers nothing but pain, disparity, and infinite suffering, but above all that it gives me something more: glory. That feeling after a race, when you've won, is priceless. We rowers know not when we've won until we witness the faces of our opponents when they've given everything: time, energy, determination, and have received suffering and fatigue without and inkling of victory. This past year has made me tremble at the thought of continuing another year of crew, but that feeling of glory is priceless, and it drives me to continue, so that I may take victory with my own two hands from those who would seek to take it from me. 

Summarize it all up. I've suffered, and shed blood, sweat and tears (quite literally) but above all that I've come to relish the small luxuries of life. 

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 06:38 AM

Nice to know life is working out for you, sorry to hear you almost died but everything seems to be working for the best now. =P


From what I've seen no one really like their job and even if they enjoy it they eventually get bored with it and hate it. Work turns something you love into something you hate =/


Hope to see you on more often, the site could do with some more activity from time to time =D

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