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Shadow Wolves

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We are a friendly pack looking to have fun and kick ass. This is our Gothic Wars page, all are welcome all is asked of you is loyalty and respect. and the most importent rule HAVE FUN!


Owner: HLS Cryo Fire

Founded: 09-February 14

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  • News, Ranks and More!

    by HLS Cryo Fire Feb 09 2014 05:55 PM

    Hello everyone. I'm Nightmare, i wanted to take the time to post this. This group is our Gothic Wars outpost. Most Chapter goings on will be on our own website. So, the Celesetial Lions are currently being formed into the Shadow Wolves as anyone could guess, thats kinda my only news right now. So i also want to explain our ranks: Shadow Lord = Chapter Master, Reclusiarch = High Chaplin/Faction XO, Shadow Guard Commander = Honnor Guard Commander, Death Speaker = Chaplin, Life Binder = Librarian, Shadow Guard = Honnor Guard, Shadow Wolf = Battle Brother, and Shadow Cub = Prospect Marine. If i have missed any out I'm sorry, i am also aware at time of posting i'm the only member, how ever i don't intend to run this myself and as i say this is our GW outpost.

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