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Death Guard

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Death Guard Legion - We operate on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. While our primary game is Space Marine we are a multigaming faction and can be found on multiple games across the two consoles.


Owner: Fuzzy

Founded: 10-January 14

Members: 14

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  • Death Shroud honours.

    by Fuzzy Jan 29 2014 07:40 AM

    Our brother, Coppertone is to be awarded Death Shroud status for his exemplary performance in our first chapter match against the WE Space Wolves.

    This award is to recognise not only the high level performance he displayed in game but also going above and beyond what was asked by his group in his actions before the match.

    Coppertone has been awarded his armour and his Death Shroud initiation ceromony shall proceed this Saturday.

    Well done brother, you earnt this.

    Embrace the rot.

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  • Death Guard Rules

    by Fuzzy Jan 18 2014 04:59 PM

    In the Death Guard we have afew simple and straight forward rules. If anyone sees a member of my group breaking any of them rather than confront them, report it to me. I will say this now though, absolutely no action will be taken on a "he said, she said" basis. If you have an accusation against my group I shall require either proof or confirmation from a trustworthy source.

    Our rules are as follows:

    Absolutely no glitches - this includes the jump-swing. We shall either win with skill or not at all. Glitches and exploits are the crutch of the weak.

    No hate mail - fairly self explanatory. If one of my members receives any they are not to reply and are to take a picture and send it to me. I shall take action from there.

    No spawn camping - Again this is fairly self explanatory.

    No pushing the home point against randoms - There is no need to push the home against a team of randoms. As soon as another group faces us show no mercy but there is no need to destroy randoms and noobs.

    Respect your opponent - We will not trash talk any of our opponents on the battlefield. We shall show them the same respect we wish them to return to us.

    Everyone in the Death Guard shall be allowed one chance and one chance only. After that you're out. No second chances. No exemptions.

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