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Imperial Fists

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There is no dawn of war section so we'll just have to continue the fight against Chaos on Space Marine.

Pretty chill group, I saw no other Imperial Fist brothers on here so I decided to start it up myself. If you wish to join just send me a message and as long as you revere the God Emperor you are in. 

This is an active group; as long as you check in the forums and post every now and then you are fine, just don't go on 6 month sabbaticals without any notice.

Until we are established in the forums with a proper amount of members I will keep this short and sweet; for the God Emperor, for Terra!!!

This is One More Space Marine, signing out. 


Owner: One more space marine

Founded: 02-January 14

Members: 2

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  • Just the two of us

    by One more space marine Feb 21 2014 11:20 PM

    Hey Kim do you know anyone who would want to join? Also, any ideas on how we should branch out?

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  • It would be great if someone well equipped for forum page creation to help the cause. The Emperor blesses those who aid his children.

    Specifically the background. I lack servitors and this infernal machine spirit is acting unruly. No matter how I change the image it seems to never fit, and now, the changes made do not effect the background anymore.

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