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Night Lords

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Night Lords legion - Ave Dominus Nox


lead by Lord Ariok, Authrix, Roadkill and Dante


we bring fear and flame, we are your nightmare incarnate, you cannot win against your fears and that is what we will use against you


If you wish to join the Lords of the Night Message Lord Ariok to begin your gene seeding process


Owner: Lord Ariok

Founded: 28-December 13

Members: 26

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  • reformation and secession

    by Lord Ariok Jan 29 2015 07:36 PM

    just a formality at this point that were now reforming under a war council leadership instead of othrim directly


    myself Roadkill and Authrix now form the leadership sect.

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  • A new blood

    by Lord Ariok Sep 15 2014 12:29 AM

    Thanks to captain Nox before anything else for keeping the engine ticking over.


    we have had a few people join us recently but not made the whole effort to keep them in our circle that will change as i am only the acting leader othrim said he will begin his duties soon(when he gets time/remembers) then hopefully it will be like the good old days.

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