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      11 Feb
    Lord Korrotaen

    we shall make the galaxy tremble in fear and rue the day they ever heard the name Night Lords!!!

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      02 Feb
    Lord Ariok

    I am the ascended God, I am the commander of legions. We come from the warp with one purpose to destroy your presious imperium.

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Deathstar 2.0

World of Tanks 24 Mar 2015
So thanks to Primarch and Pilot I unlocked my final female crewmember for the Deathstar. I needed to do 5000 damage and you can watch my glorious tribute to Khorne at the link below.      Just some interesting points: I now have Sisterhood of Steel, Ventilator and the perks shown...
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EVE Alliance and corparations

EVE and DUST 514 08 Mar 2015
Hello everyone are there still people on here that play eve. There are at least 3 of us playing and we are looking at building a bigger corporation and alliances if any of you are interested in playing it or getting back into it we are currently based in the Mimtar in rens system. Message fklm Ke...
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Metal Evolution: The Lost Episode

Media 02 Mar 2015
A Metal Evolution episode that explains Extreme Metal
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Anyone know of the Legion's feeling about Ghouls and...

Science Fiction 01 Mar 2015
I'm just wondering about what the Legion's feelings are about Ghouls and other mutants as I don't think I've ever found Legion members or Caesar openly stating Ghouls are inferior or undesirable.   I imagine they'd either be used as cannon fodder or if they were allowed into the Legion be us...
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Having a go at a Fallout New Vegas Story

Stories 26 Feb 2015
2267, Aurelius Venus was a frontline legionary. Fighting for the Legion against tribes whose names no long exist. While fighting against one of these tribes Aurelius showed himself to be something greater than a Legionary. Aurelius proved himself when he was within a squad being destroyed by a tr...
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