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      07 Apr

    Having rapid cooldown on Spray and Pray just makes Twitch evil. However being the one driving the despicable little rat, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

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      03 Apr

    "We fight to protect the spiritual and physical heart of our Chapter. That, surely, is worth shedding blood."

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Sanctuary Music....yes thats right there will be music

Sanctuary Discussion Yesterday, 01:35 AM
Well hello fellow sanctuary users, If some of you havent found out already I am going to school for Commercial Music with two degrees in Media Composition and Music Technology, these degrees will pave the way for me to work in the music industry in virtually any aspect and allow me to be producer...
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Pony gets a 343 friend request

Off Topic 22 Apr 2014
So yeah, believe it or not I am friends with a couple influential people on facebook, especially some in the gaming industry such as Taylor Davis, Sonic Mayhem, Cris Velasco, Raphael Van Lierop (you may recognize that last three because Sonic Mayhem and Cris Velasco made the music for Space Marin...
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9.0 Update

World of Tanks 21 Apr 2014
Arty is even worse accuracy wise than it was before. YAY   Also the new graphics are interesting, with them on low the game now looks like shit. All my PC components have been upgraded bar the GPU so have to run it on low now.   What the rest of you think?
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Hey Guys. Ukraine

Off Topic 17 Apr 2014
So... With what has been going on between Russia and Ukraine NATO is getting involved and it seems like America might get heavily involved soon. So when I'm done with this shit training I know where I'm going. That's right Georgia. You expect Rangers to deploy, hell no we kill and come home not d...
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