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Merry Christmas GW

Off Topic 23 Dec 2017
Don't know who's still around (I guess Tug, the Sanct players and a few of us NLs), but I wanted to say happy holidays, you godless fucks esteemed ladies gents. I know, couple of days early. Sue me
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Kill a million men and they call you a god- MIra

Active Threads 15 Dec 2017
your vision swims as the world comes into view  . The city street that had been so full of life just a moment before. Paddlers selling trinkets and re purposed tools bustled left and right as children ran with fruits and bread back to their homes. But.....  You blink, clearing your visi...
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How to pretend- Oce

Active Threads 18 Nov 2017
The darkness of the opera fills in all around you as the lights fade, obscuring the crowsd in darkness. Soon music swells and a light illuminates, revealing a beautiful woman in a long flowing dress. Blue hair spills over her impossibly perfect forms and she grabs a microphone.   Music, Musi...
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In the ashes of madness smolders determination and purpos...

Active Threads 04 Nov 2017
adolfo walks before you like an imposing mountain of armour. He is lead past the cujo and directly to kamui who is smoking in a classroom.   "Adolfo."   he says wit ha respectable nod, which is reciprocated with a huff   "you removed one of my best captains from his post..."  ...
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just a little test

Active Threads 06 Oct 2017
The air hung low over the grove as Tyson hobbled his way from the ruined speeder. The raiders where hot on his trail, and the gunshot wound in his side had slowed down the smuggler quite a bit. Cloying shadows spread and flex around him like lovers hand as he ducked behind a ruined log and presse...
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