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Dawn of War 3

Dawn of War 02 May 2016
Time to wait with held breath     Source: http://www.windowsce...announced-may-3  
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The wolf at the door-Talos/Kombuse

Active Threads 17 Apr 2016
The vision was vivid. It happened whenever he ate too much and fell into a deep slumber.   The chain bit deep into kombuses throatt as a sigular figure slowly walks into the carnival and looks up.   "Hey you..."   The cowled figure says , shouldering his rifle.   "You trying t...
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PC 27 Mar 2016
Hi all,    no doubt that some of you will have been watching with eager eyes the footage from the beta of BFG which is now out on steam. I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in forming a faction to play the game when it comes out on full release?    I currently d...
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Last Stand Necron Overlord

Dawn of War 13 Mar 2016
They've updated Dawn of War 2 Retribution with some bug fixes and introduced a new hero which is free until the 15th.   It's actually a pretty fun class, but SERIOUSLY OP, 3 level 9 Overlords can beat wave 20 like it's nothing.   If anyone wants to band together for a game give me a sho...
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Finally got an Xbox1

Off Topic 21 Feb 2016
Hello, so now my family is in a better state, I was able to get an X1 but due to some issues I had to get a new profile. It's BuriasDempsy. This is for friends I had before on Armoured Priest and new people who might give this sad little admin a friend invite.
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