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      07 Jan

    I just found out there was a Duck Dynasty game. It made Angry Joe's #1 worst game of 2014. The fact this game even exists had me laughing for a solid 5 minutes

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      22 Dec

    Just finished watching Girls Und Panzer. Nothing like watching Schoolgirls and tanks...

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      01 Oct
    Armoured Priest

    Ebola in my state, oh boy!

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Should I make an Imperial Guard story?

Off Topic 27 Jan 2015
So! it's been quite a while since I last wrote a story, some of you might recall the stories that I wrote several years ago, some of you might not. I have been wondering if there would be any interest in a new story if I were to produce one, so I wanted to ask this and somewhat gauge the interest...
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Suffering from massive delays in DoW

Strategy Games 24 Jan 2015
While playing Dawn of War last night and a little bit today I've been suffering from 30+ second delays on whatever I do. Say I move my Lieutenant's Command Tank towards the enemy or tell it attack a higher threat on my screen I see it do nothing and carry on normally but the thing is when someone...
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Windows 10: Future of Gaming

Xbox 21 Jan 2015
Microsoft is announcing Windows 10 today and there's a few features in there that are fucking amazing.   Upgrade from Windows 7 & 8 is free Windows 10 has an Xbox app that functions as a game hub, where you can chat between X1 and PC but also launch games with friends Windows 10 can stre...
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Smite/SoulStorm/War Thunder

Other Gaming 21 Jan 2015
So been playing quiet a lot of the topic mentioned games.   Me and a few people were looking for others to join us in these games. Smite is pretty much a lot better version of League of Legends. Quite a few game modes and based around Gods of Myth. War Thunder is like World of Tanks, only mo...
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IStavann 5 massacre

Strategy Games 19 Jan 2015
So evidently they made a warhmmer 30 k rpg like clash of clans called drop assault........Im not saying get it..But get it
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