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WHen light and dark collide the victor has to tear victor...

Active Threads 25 Jun 2017
The job was suopposed to have been simple!  Is waht you keep saying in your head as you get to the ruin and see a sight that sets you on edge. Brigands and cuthtroats are all over the entrance of the cave, impaled with stylized silver crosses in various positions.   an odd smell hangs i...
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How i feel about some of you asshats

Off Topic 01 Jun 2017
  I better not be in a fucking box....
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GWRS Discord Server / TS3 Retired

Announcements 01 May 2017
Howdy all, We have retired out Teamspeak 3 server because we were under utilizing it and it was very expensive. We have chosen to replace the server with a Discord server (link below). If you need extra channels added for other games, or a limited channel for a Roleplay then please get in contact...
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Howl into a scream- Oce and Priest

Active Threads 26 Mar 2017
Years upon years...Test upon test. The days begin to blur in the life of an agent..Especially those sent to monitor the pet project of the director. Operatives Oce and barren, siblings, had been chosen to act as functioning limiters to the newest anti weapon Howl, the only possible resource that...
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Off Topic 03 Mar 2017
So...Its been a while since i heard from alot of you. Eternal crusade just went free to play......WHos down to play
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