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      11 Feb
    Lord Korrotaen

    we shall make the galaxy tremble in fear and rue the day they ever heard the name Night Lords!!!

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Starwars Battlefront Alpha

FPS/TPS Games 02 Jul 2015
Hey I just got done playing the alpha and its really helpful to have a partner dose anyone else have it and want to team up
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Off Topic 30 Jun 2015
Got some funny jokes share them! I don't care if they're offensive or not, if they make me laugh I don't give a fuck =) A large group of Isis fighters in Iraq are moving down a road when they hear a voice call from behind a sand dune: "One British Royal Marine is better than ten Isis fighter...
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Mass Effect Andromeda

Xbox 15 Jun 2015
Just going to leave this here.
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E3 2015

Other Gaming 15 Jun 2015
Thread to talk about xbox PC and the rest. Holy shit xbox is getting mods and backward compatibility oO
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FF7 remake PS4 exclusive?!?

MMO/RPG Games 15 Jun 2015
Please tell me this is a joke? I will be royally pissed if this is the case...
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