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      28 Aug

    Hey JC... Daiakuji I hope you enjoy...

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Forum Rank Tweaking

Announcements Today, 10:29 AM
Evening people,   Just to let you know we've turned on forum promotion, which is triggered by post count (so your next post will trigger a promotion):   0-999 Posts = Member 1000-1999 Posts = Premium Member Can now setup a Blogs * Can now access Chat ** Can now lead up to 2 Factions Gai...
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Vault of Glass

MMO/RPG Games Yesterday, 10:28 PM
Well gentlemen, the time is upon us to raid. Let us polish our weapons and armor and prepare for the real crucible of battle. Let's start planning for the vault of glass. I'm looking for people to take this on with me. Now I'm not level 26 yet, but within the next day or so I should be. So I'm h...
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Fuzzy Fridays preview

Off Topic Yesterday, 06:52 PM
Hello gothicwars, just giving you a little preview of Fuzzy Fridays that will be starting Friday (no shit right?) and a new issue will be posted every week! Coming up in this weeks Fuzzy Friday: A young Sonic fan blows a gasket, A mother brands her children for "identification purposes" and the a...
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Ork army to counter a *CENSORED* playing tau

Tabletop Minatures 15 Sep 2014
Hey Guys,  I've started playing 40k now due to the hilariously low prices you can get on ebay and bitswap. Im talking between 10-35% of retail price on everything. It seems quite a few people are jumping ship, so I'm picking up the stuff people want to sell at quite a discount. Anyways, we'v...
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Heya everybody!

Off Topic 14 Sep 2014
Don't know how many of you will remember me but heya anyways! and whats going on guys and gals, anything new and exciting happen? (other than destiny that is)
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