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howls of the iron wolves- Priest , emp

Active Threads 02 Feb 2020
The lie agreed upon, the bulwark against the undead, the iron wolves program was made to give humanity a bulwark from the undead that lurked the dark corners of the world. Glacier sized flesheap that vomit horrors not seen since the dawn of inception.    Iron wolves...The title given to...
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GWRS Disruption of Service

Announcements 10 Apr 2018
G'day all, Sorry for any inconvenience in the last few days caused by the unreliability of the website. Tugboat and I decided to migrate from a virtual server to web hosting in order to cut costs (it divides the amount we spend annually by 4), but did not anticipate the hosting company making a m...
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The masters most dangerous tools are hidden from view- Pr...

Active Threads 16 Feb 2018
When the chosen departed, two figures stood in the darkness of nightmares apartment without a word. They where there always, like two wraiths . Always unseen, but never far from their masters will.   One, One was only known as the genemaster...The creators most powerful fleshcrafter. One who...
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Merry Christmas GW

Off Topic 23 Dec 2017
Don't know who's still around (I guess Tug, the Sanct players and a few of us NLs), but I wanted to say happy holidays, you godless fucks esteemed ladies gents. I know, couple of days early. Sue me
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