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      27 Sep


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      23 Sep

    Building a bolt pistol out of a nerf gun...what chapter shall I paint it up as?

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      09 Sep

    Holy shit the Phogoth boss is insane on Destiny. So.... Many.... Adds....

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this weekend adventure in Phoenix

Off Topic Today, 03:17 AM
Boy this weekend sure was a blast! I flew down to Phoenix on Friday with no plans then I saw Lindsey was in town for a festival and decided to go an see the performance, turns out OAR was playing so that was a bonus, I got there just in time to say hello and chat with her for a little bit while s...
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Bolt Pistol - a work in progress

Other Works of Art 25 Sep 2014
Well, the devil is back in town (Georgia was out of souls ) This has been the product of already about a week of work. Started as a knock off Nerf blaster. Saw it in the store and the magazine was practically screaming "I'M A BOLT PISTOL...MAKE ME!!!" So, here's where it's at thus far. Construct...
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Destiny - Ghost Fragments

FPS/TPS Games 24 Sep 2014
Now I've found a few (Sevent to be precise) dead Ghosts while exploring Destiny, I've checked the cards given on Bungie.Net and it gives a short story about what it is so if you don't want to read them then don't but this is a little heads up so no one reads something they don't want to.   I...
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cheap imperial guard?

Tabletop Minatures 23 Sep 2014
I'm wanting to start a guard army and I am fairly new to this so any advice on were I should start? also any cheap paint I can buy too would be helpful.
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Legitimate Raking buisness

Community Reviews 23 Sep 2014
As most of you know, steam has added a new curator feature. Basically you get all self important and rate games and such.     Seeing as my hope is to kinda get myself into gaming journalism and the like i figured my friends and i at legitimate raking buisness would give it a shot. So fo...
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