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2016 Site Fees - Voluntary Donation Contribution

General Website Discussion 04 Feb 2016
Howdy all,   Tugboat and I keep the lights on here by paying the bills monthly. I just received word that they are raising our hosting prices by 25% on the 18th of Feb, however they will honour any subs bought before then. Tug and I are going to buy as many months on the lower plan as we can...
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Civilization Game Planning - What Games/DLC Do You Own

Strategy Games 31 Jan 2016
We used to have a good group to play this game from time to time, however things ranging from work to health have diminished our numbers and we must replenish!   The attached polls are multi-choice, please select all that you own so we get a better idea of who has what. Right now we only pla...
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Off Topic 28 Jan 2016
Hi everyone hope 2016 has been kind so far? I have been busy, 2nd daughter was born mid November so I am outgunned 3-1 in my house now! lol Now I love book but I don't have the space to keep as many real books as I would like so I use a Kindle, and I am a real sucker for fantasy and sci-fi,...
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Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade 21 Jan 2016
So ill be getting into eternal crusade tomorrow on payday. Anyone else wanna pal around with a NIght lord and make violent jabbing motions at things?  
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General Discussion

Off Topic 11 Jan 2016
Site doesn't have the activity atm to sustain multiple threads on the random BS that occurs in our lives, so let's just have one Godzilla thread   RAWR   How ya'll doing?
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