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      05 Dec

    You've each been selected for this mission because you're unknown to the enemy and you each have a special skill: Professor Hawking, John Leslie, Phil Neville, The Wu-Tang Clan, Usher, The Sugar Puffs Monster and Daniel Day Lewis. Welcome, to Operation Mindfuck.

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      01 Oct
    Armoured Priest

    Ebola in my state, oh boy!

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I Told you I would be back!

Off Topic 17 Dec 2014
Wow! Nice digs y'all have going here now! You can tell it's certified fancy because it upsets my computer greatly when I have anything besides the lowest settings activated on the place! So how have things been ladies and gents? Obviously there's been a few redecorations on the joint while I was...
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Pain and Suffering

Off Topic 12 Dec 2014
Throughout my life I have suffered great pain, physical, but mostly emotional pain. Never in the past ten years have I ever felt more emotional pain until now. The girl I like, nay my perfect girl, whom I love more than anything on earth and in heaven has chosen another man. She was once mine, to...
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Active Threads 12 Dec 2014
The battlefield is cold, many angels and rebel forces lay dead behind you as you walk up into the battered coloseuim and into the light     Cain, tarkus, ashram, llorana, kanta, sorianna , and burias all walk to the top step where a figure can be seen in the distance.   He is massi...
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SAO Abridged Episode 5

Anime 11 Dec 2014
Been a while since the last one but still hilarious! =D  
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Return my insanity!

Off Topic 10 Dec 2014
I'm finally back guys Things have been alittle hectic for me but now I'm back. What have I missed out on?
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