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      01 Oct
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    Ebola in my state, oh boy!

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      27 Sep


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Batman Evolution- The Piano Guys

Media 15 Oct 2014
My musically talented friends from Utah, The Piano Guys have made an amazing tribute to batman, unfortunately one of the producers from The Dark Knight, did not and will not let them upload it to youtube, therefor  the original video has been removed, luckily I have found a link to the video...
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[ArcheAge] For The Glory Of The Inquisition!

MMO/RPG Games 10 Oct 2014
First three screenshots provided by Salsa who had higher graphics turned on at the time than those I used to capture that last one (was running an experiment on stability).   There's a few of you lot who said you'd join us and kill Heretics though we have yet to see you *cough* Tug *cough*...
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Premium Member?

Off Topic 01 Oct 2014
Does anyone know how I got a premium membership banner?  I'm just wondering because I never donated anything.
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I miss sleep...

Off Topic 30 Sep 2014
Sup, sorry for barely being on in the past few months...    So I'm at Uni, officially 4 days ago.    Doing Computer Science.   And wishing there was more hours in the night... :'(
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this weekend adventure in Phoenix

Off Topic 30 Sep 2014
Boy this weekend sure was a blast! I flew down to Phoenix on Friday with no plans then I saw Lindsey was in town for a festival and decided to go an see the performance, turns out OAR was playing so that was a bonus, I got there just in time to say hello and chat with her for a little bit while s...
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