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Wielder of the crushing queen- A man who ensures the sain...

The cage Yesterday, 03:21 PM
As kanta sits in his room, reading and enjoying a small sandwich from the commissary, a gentle knock can be heard at the door , startling the silence.   "Kanta.."   Jessica, former commander of the saints, and wife to the current leader Cains voice chirps gently.   "Do you have a m...
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Fist of the wolf king- Buriases story

The cage Yesterday, 02:54 PM
Burias was there beside the wolf king when he was coronated , head of the war saints. He was there when the sisters of war launched a crusade to kidnap his wife, and the ruinationm that he rained on them..... And he was there when cain announced he would be having a child.   "I need you to s...
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Seems we still never bothered getting organised

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade 26 Sep 2016
Lets fix that shall we   I'm thinking a temporary Gothic Wars guild for the time being where we can all find each other easily.
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New rp/ character list

The cage 17 Sep 2016
As some of you know i run rps, this is a new one ive been cooking up.   You are a convict, someone captured for your gfts and sent to the cage.. The cage is ruled by four faction, and all four are fighting for goals you wont understand unless you survive.....   Dare you enter?  ...
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The Blessing of Entropy

Stories 05 Sep 2016
So please bear with me here, the following thread will be very much installment based - I am trying my hand at writing again, and this time with something completely new to me... NURGLE!!! The air was thick with flies, marred by the scent of rotting flesh and putrescence. Thick spans of rust...
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