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GW Revives Specialist Games

Tabletop Minatures 12 Nov 2015
http://sepulchreofhe...y-bringing.html   http://natfka.blogsp...studio.html?m=1   Basically it's been confirmed by GW themselves that BFG and all the others are coming back. Much excited
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GWRS Halo 5 Community Clan

FPS/TPS Games 23 Oct 2015
https://www.halowayp...anies/xi legion Cheers to Metal for making me aware of this epic feature! We (the GC) have decided to run Halo 5 as a community game, with one to clan to rule them all. Come join us and spread the madness to a brand new game!   We will be arranging custom game mayhem,...
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Are podcasts allowed here?

Media 09 Oct 2015
I'm wondering if podcasts would be allowed here. More specifically..my podcasts..and dungeons and dragons sessions. If this is permitted then I'll drop some links down with utmost haste!
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November/December Space Marine (360) Tourney 2015.

Personal Challenges & Competitions 07 Oct 2015
Recently, through XBL and the EC forums, I sought to gain the interest for a new SM tourney. The response was positive and I can now post up the rules and pools for this tourney. I'd like the first matches to get underway over the weekend of November 6-8.   ProcessThe process of elimination,...
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Made a poodcast

Off Topic 06 Oct 2015
Hello everyone, it's scrambles again..back from the void of nothingness I so fancy slipping in and out of! I want to let you fine folks know that I and some friends have made a podcast on youtube called Mildly Racist. https://www.youtube....1sLMJ1naXA/feed From there you can find our facebook pag...
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