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      11 Feb
    Lord Korrotaen

    we shall make the galaxy tremble in fear and rue the day they ever heard the name Night Lords!!!

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Neverwinter get together?

MMO/RPG Games 16 Apr 2015
Yeah like it says in the title, any Xbox one users fancy a little neverwinter get together? Time and date can all be arranged based on who is up for it and their individual personal commitments.
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XB1 controller update

Xbox 13 Apr 2015
Don't do the latest update for the controllers the Microsoft forums are burning with people saying they are having massive controller issues since they installed it.
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Blood Bowl League?

Strategy Games 13 Apr 2015
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in setting up a Blood Bowl league, this would be for PC with any of the editions (Legendary, Chaos, excreta).    No real rules for the league except don't be a dick to someone who's beating you, I don't give a shit if you're losing 5-0 you ke...
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New Craftworld and Ork Waargh! added to EC

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade 12 Apr 2015
http://www.belloflos...nsar-rises.html The famed Eldar craftworld Altansar have been added to EC and a new ork Waargh! I really like the mystery surrounding Altansar's craftworld so this is gonna be interesting ((Think this is the right place to post))
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The return of the Fallen

Off Topic 11 Apr 2015
!!!I HAVE RETURNED!!!         *Rapturous cacophony of childish cheering ensues*  ...........   After many months of deliberation and after fighting a most dangerous battle against my own wits, I - Fallen - have returned to wreak havoc against those wh...
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