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      16 Jun

    Going to load up Return of Reckoning in about 20 minutes =)

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Team Fortress 2 event

FPS/TPS Games Today, 07:51 PM
(now the 5th attempt to make this thread)   So who would be interested in a couple of get togethers on TF2? No times or dates set, just an idea atm.    If it becomes successful enough it might become a regular thing.   EDIT: YAY IT WORKED!
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Dragon Age games

MMO/RPG Games Today, 05:00 PM
Are they worth playing?   I'm looking for new games to play and that seems like something I could be interested in and Shoddycast is doing a series on the lore of it so I will probably get an urge to play it...   Let me know its pros and cons but please try to keep any possible spoilers...
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Tapatalk Is Back

Announcements 26 Jul 2014
Tapatalk finally fixed their shit and the security issue we had is now resolved. Therefore I have re-enabled Tapatalk
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Free To Play

Defiance 25 Jul 2014
So I just spotted on Steam this is Free 2 Play now, anyone else might be interested in this game? If we have a large following I'll definitely download it.   EDIT: YAY! This didn't put the thread in a completely random location! =D
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(Pokemon) AS/OR News/Details

Pokemon 24 Jul 2014
This is the Hype train thread you havent been waiting for. To stop you having to trail the internet looking for details, I will compile it all here for you. So feel free to comment, will update as we go along. Nothing that is not confirmed will be posted, save speculation for the comment section....
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