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      21 Aug

    [url=http://www.jouy-en-josas.fr/iso_upload/]flocage maillot de foot[/url]
    [url=http://www.yole.fr/addon/]maillot de la france 2014[/url]

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      16 Jun

    Going to load up Return of Reckoning in about 20 minutes =)

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Dragon Age II

MMO/RPG Games 15 Aug 2014
Ok so I've completed Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, Darkspawn Chronicles, Golems that place in one of the Thaigs where you have to kill that fucking Harvester bastard and Chantry woman's story mission add-on and Witch Hunt. I'll probably have some more playthroughs soon but I cannot complete a ga...
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Gnar: The missing Link

League of Legends 15 Aug 2014
So Riot recently released there new champion a prehistoric Yordle named Gnar. I liked the look of him, so decided to snatch him up and give him a go. This is my personal review of him. Now let me get the first thing out the way- He is amazingly fun to play as. I started by playing a test game ag...
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UK Results Day

Off Topic 14 Aug 2014
For the other students here, what'd ya get?   I got A* in Maths and IT, and a B in Physics. (FUCK YOU AGAIN DYSLEXIA! )   So my firm choice at Hull has been confirmed, and I'm eligible for a £7,200 scholarship which will fund me for a 4th year to do a Masters.   I applied for Compu...
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Rise of The Tomb Raider to be an Xbone exclusive

FPS/TPS Games 13 Aug 2014
Wonder how much cash M$ threw at Square Enix for this. That said it seems to have made it worse for themselves, people are hating on them A LOT for this and it seems very unlikely this will equate to any additional console sales, in fact it probably made it even worse. M$ seems to be focused on...
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[IH] Forum Game: Pictures of GWRS Members

Off Topic 12 Aug 2014
Basically post pictures of forum members based on nicknames etc Keep it clean Keep it humerous, not spiteful Don't break forum rules! Keep to ~5 images max per post, so the game can go awhile
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