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Off Topic 03 Mar 2017
So...Its been a while since i heard from alot of you. Eternal crusade just went free to play......WHos down to play
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The same hand that gifts peace brings war- Sevetheda

Active Threads 29 Dec 2016
The night was cold as the hand brought the prisoner forward through the walls of the tokyo sanctum, into the private estate of the Daiymo of the area cujo. This was your job as one of his enforcers, bring him anyone who dares stand against his family, anyone who sought to cut in on his profits an...
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Off Topic 16 Dec 2016
I'm back again and now with my pc fixed, I shall annoy Cru on ships!!!
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Fury made manifest- Aella

Active Threads 14 Dec 2016
You had been a child when the black clad warriors of Ho Siht came to your village and burnt it to the ground under a deluge of sniper fire and humming blades. The pain was intense as you where dragged by your hair, kicking and screaming into the center of the town where family friends, elders, an...
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