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      18 Nov

    Got to love stupid AIs... I think I'll just tell my Panzer IV to run over your mortar teams who are the only thing causing the Americans not to advance... Only way to make this worse would be if the AI decided to repair that destroyed bridge which was destroyed near the beginning of the game to make sure we couldn't be flanked...

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      01 Oct
    Armoured Priest

    Ebola in my state, oh boy!

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      27 Sep


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What's a pawn to a god- lafa

Active Threads 17 Nov 2014
For the first time nightmare stood before his assembled captains . There were five of you, each one taken from a cult that had offered up a son or daughter to the hungering God. You stand perfectly still, the steady drip of the leaking pipes can be heard behind you as a figure comes into view. Hi...
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Reminder for Emp

Sanctuary Discussion 15 Nov 2014
Kanta's Npc's Human mutants Thantos, Isha Ghouls Mattew, Grudge, Crush, Rave, Elias Family Solomon, Cassandra, Susanna Human commander's Tarkus, Rask Mutant Commander's Selena, Goo   Valdimir's Npc's Soilder Savanna Million year playboy gooman what's his face (will get his actual name after...
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The Canadian Devil!

Off Topic 13 Nov 2014
Oh no! Its the Canadian Devil! Beelzeboot!     Needless to say this was a great episode of South Park. To be honest any episode based around the Goth Kids, Satan or Randy are pretty awesome. Mainly because Satan is actually quite a nice guy... I mean yeah when he threw his sweet sixte...
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Anyone want to play some Dawn of War 2?

Dawn of War 13 Nov 2014
And be crush  by the Imperial Guard.
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Wanted: Cyndaquil

Pokemon 13 Nov 2014
As title says, can anyone help me get a Cyndaquil as I want it to be my main pokemon for Ruby  
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