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      07 Apr

    Having rapid cooldown on Spray and Pray just makes Twitch evil. However being the one driving the despicable little rat, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

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      03 Apr

    "We fight to protect the spiritual and physical heart of our Chapter. That, surely, is worth shedding blood."

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Hey Guys. Ukraine

Off Topic 17 Apr 2014
So... With what has been going on between Russia and Ukraine NATO is getting involved and it seems like America might get heavily involved soon. So when I'm done with this shit training I know where I'm going. That's right Georgia. You expect Rangers to deploy, hell no we kill and come home not d...
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If you're feeling down...

Off Topic 17 Apr 2014
If you aren't feeling tip top in the happiness department watch this: I know it is far from the time of year, but there's just something about seeing Santa fall off a roof that makes me smile. Or this works too:
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Looks Like the Angry Joe army is having Fun in ESO

MMO/RPG Games 17 Apr 2014
Well it seems that ESO is strolling right along. Last weekend the Angry army had a community event and this was the result. Too bad they are playing for the Aldmeri Dominion. Damn Elves.   https://www.youtube....h?v=-DV9TwsosyI
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Bungie terminates Martin O'Donnell's Contract

Off Topic 16 Apr 2014
Im so so so so so mad that Bungie did this, Marty O'Donnell is quite possibly the best game composer in the industry, he has made so many iconic songs for games ESPECIALLY Halo, in my opinion his music is what helped to make that game so great. Lets hope that O'Donnell finds a new home at a studi...
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FYI: Easter 2014 Website Updates

General Website Discussion 16 Apr 2014
Just an FYI that I am going to merge all miniature gaming together into one sub-forum called 'Tabletop Miniatures'. This section of the website doesn't get much use and instead of adding a Warmachine section I'm going to merge the quiet forums together. I'm also doing some other reshuffles....
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