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Battlefleet gothic armada update

Strategy Games 19 May 2016
So there has been another update to battlefleet gothic armada finally, and here are some of the more noteworthy updates:    you can now invite online friends to custom games a lot of minor bug and texture fixes Still waiting for the Space marine fleet DLC, although I am also now latchin...
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Civilization 6 Announced

Strategy Games 11 May 2016
  http://store.steampo....com/app/289070   Due for an October release, some of the changes that have been mentioned are particularly interesting, especially in terms of City building and resource management, as now factories, wonders, and other city based buildings will be built on til...
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Pokemon Sun/Moon Starters and Legendary Pokemon revealed

Pokemon 11 May 2016
  So the reveal for the next two games has finally occurred. Honestly looks good, nice to see some art changes and a new region. Rowlett best Pokemon confirmed.
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Spacehulk Deathwing

FPS/TPS Games 06 May 2016
Have people seen the new trailer for this? I can't wait for this game, I would post a youtube link but the forum won't allow and I am to noob to figure it out    
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Dawn of War 3

Dawn of War 02 May 2016
Time to wait with held breath     Source: http://www.windowsce...announced-may-3  
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