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Are the new Deathwatch models a steal?

Tabletop Minatures 28 Aug 2016
Ever since reading about the Deathwatch, I have been totally in love with the best of the best of the best.    The idea that there is an elite within the elite, who fly around the universe squashing all kinds of bugs just appeals to me on a cellular level. I was over the moon when GW ha...
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Vermintide for Console - October 2016

MMO/RPG Games 25 Aug 2016
They've finally decided to release the Vermintide console version - it's coming in October
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Eternal Crusade PC Release Sep 23rd - Consoles Paused

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade 25 Aug 2016
http://wccftech.com/...nt-gets-paused/   So they're releasing EC for PC on September 23rd, and breaking their promise regarding console launch.   Pretty much called that one but still disappointed - this will dilute the console community even further, with even more people ending u...
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Six rounds in the chamber, ones gonna find you

Active Threads 02 Aug 2016
Derevin stands atop the Hong Kong tower and looks down, below the smoke of the benching flesh forges churns out a thick black miasma of death, a smell that has been almost constant in your nostrils for years. Millions of ghouls crawl from the sewer pits below, the shambling horrid creatures movin...
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Horus Heresy Plastics

Tabletop Minatures 19 Jul 2016
So now that games workshop has officially released the Mk IV horus heresy space marines in plastic, I was wondering what the general opinions of the kits are?    Personally I am wary that the price is a bit too steep (even by GW standards) yet at the same time I can see a lot of potenti...
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