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Photo help

Community Assistance 05 Nov 2016
Hi all I've not been on here in forever and I want to post some art but can't remember how to post pics I needed help when I posted my war hammer pics last time so if somebody could help it would be much appreciated
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the tides of truth cannot be held for long- Priest

Active Threads 04 Nov 2016
the sky above the medical facility begins to roil and crackle as lightning begins to muster and split the sky until a massive bolt strikes the ground before the front lines. It stikes with such force that everyone stands at once and the groups look in awe as the lighting resolves itself into two...
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Show me your wings evil angel- Icy

The cage 06 Oct 2016
you dont remember anything...But what you do remember is pain. The flashes of memory you do have brings memories of a cold lab, razor-ed scalpels and leering faces, and a cold collar affixed to your throat like an iron vize.   When you finally black out, you awaken in a cold metal container...
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Elements bend to mans will

The cage 06 Oct 2016
YOur life was always hard..but that story doesnt matter nos does it. after your sentenncing and the brutal asswhuppinbg put on you by the guards, you were collared, shoved into a bus and taken to the cage. After yet another pounding by the guards, you and 30 other inmates are shoved into a cargo...
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New blood on the sand- Aella

The cage 01 Oct 2016
Jessica sits on her lounger very carefully. She was so calm looking in the sunlight , and it runs through her white hair like a psectrum.   "Aella my dear....I need you to handle an ...Ex of mine..."   Her delicate hands open a small box in her lap exposing some candies.   "WOuld y...
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