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      11 Feb
    Lord Korrotaen

    we shall make the galaxy tremble in fear and rue the day they ever heard the name Night Lords!!!

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Good enough reason?

Off Topic Yesterday, 03:02 PM
The plant where I work is getting closed, but out of 50 people around 6 are staying as a EU based sales/customer service department. Now my boss keeps moaning that it's unfair woe as me he has to share an office with sales etc etc (he is keeping his job) Today his latest is "why are people gettin...
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Primarch Vulkan rules and stats

Tabletop Minatures 02 Aug 2015
So I recently bought vulkan and a squad of fire drakes from forge world. Problem is I can't find any definite a rules and stats for them, without buying the books. If anyone has them, or the book, it would be much appreciated if you could help me out. I believe they're both from the Horus heresy:...
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Shift cons

Active Threads 28 Jul 2015
With recent events how they are, the story will need to be shifted as necessary. Bear with me . Ill get it done asap
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Damnation...No... Chelkar new thread

Active Threads 24 Jul 2015
The battle had been fierce. Chelkars units clashed with War saint infantry on a level long since lost to this world. The battlefield is eerily calm as chelkar sits in the mud, his weapons coated in blood, roughneck and saint corpses piled high beside him as he hears a familiar voice.   "Boss...
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Warmachine Tactics on Humble Bundle for $13

Strategy Games 16 Jul 2015
As the title says, this weeks Humble Bundle Kickstarter Edition has Warmachine Tactics included in it for $13 which is cheaper than the Steam Summer Sale was
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