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Subscriptions, Donations and Premium Members

Posted by CruciasNZ , in Website 29 December 2013 · 2,076 views

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IP.Nexus is the name of the software component we use to process financial transactions on behalf of the community and it is now configured to handle Donations and Subscriptions.

Subscriptions & Premium Members
Historically we have run GWRS such that members who donate towards the running of the community got some premium features as a thank you. That tradition will be continued, except that under the 2.0 system we are able to automate the process of assigning a member 'Premium' status and also removing it when their time expires.

Summary of Premium Benefits at time of posting:

  • No Adverts (Once Adverts Are Enabled)
  • Exclusive Sub-Forum
  • Banner (Unless Higher Status Banner Held)
  • Can Create & Comment On Blogs
  • Can Create & RSVP Community Calender Events
  • Can Join 4 Factions Not 2
  • Looser Forum Restrictions (More Ratings Per Day, More PM Space etc)
  • Smug Sense of Self Entitlement

A more up-to-date list of Premium Benefits will be created before the end of January and updated to track benefits that are added and if necessary removed (eg limited time things).
You can find the Subscription package within the Store on the Navigation Menu

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There are always selfless people who are willing to go just that little bit beyond the call of duty and donate without want of return; we also occasionally raise money for good causes. With Nexus configured we can now cater to them as well, it allows people to donate via multiple Donation goals that we can configure.

Right now there are the June Server fund and the Misc. Donation sections active. We will occasionally increase the automatic count of how much is donated for each goal listed to include Subscription payments; as all money that comes into GWRS goes into maintenance, then upgrades (if applicable), then prizes.

You can find the Donation Page within your Client Area, accessed from your Profile Menu (drop down menu beside Username, below the right end of the Slider)

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Lord Emperor Please Let It End!!

Posted by CruciasNZ , in Website 26 December 2013 · 2,111 views

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So I started the conversion process from 1.0 to 2.0 this morning (26th December 2013, 9am NZST) and have only just finished (7.10pm). The automated converter turned out to be a bit thick and needed its hand held most of the way, yay me! (Hence the blog title)
As of time of posting this most of the new features work. However there are a few things to note and I detailed them in a post here; however I'll include a short summary here (also some things will be here but not there):
  • Not all Avatars converted, but you should reload them anyway so that the super-cool-slider-thing at the top of the website displays them properly
  • There was an issue with PMs so only 450/53000 converted. We will attempt to convert the rest with the help of our software vendor, but being Xmas there will be delays
  • All the internal forum links will be broken now
    • Tell the post owner if you come across one so they can fix it
  • Moderation Warnings now last a year and are now point based (not % based)
    • Insta-Ban is 50 points
    • 'Reasons' have been scaled accordingly
      • Sig Violation is 1 point the first time
      • Posting Porn is 50 points
  • Chat is Staff Only due to it only holding 5 people
  • Blogs are visible to all, but create-able by GC, Premium and Admins
    • Only those groups can comment on them
  • Head Mods are now Admins for simplicity
  • Members can create &/ join up to 2 Factions on the 2.0 system
    • For ​Premium Members that limit is 4
      • Premium Members will be pruned sometime soon to reflect the true state of who helped 2.0 become a reality. Subscriptions for it will go live later
    • 1.0 Group Migration Deadline is 1st January 2014 (~0900 GMT)
  • There is no longer an "Inactive Account" feature.
    • It is now a voluntary ban that you must ask for
  • Support Centre is now located within your Client Area
    • Located inside the Profile Menu accessible from the drop-down box beside your login name, below the right side of the Slider.
I'm sure there's plenty more I should post but by now I cannot be fucked :D
Enjoy the new site!

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