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Fuzzy Fridays

Posted by Fuzzy , 19 September 2014 · 3,381 views

Hey Gothic Wars! Welcome to the first issue of Fuzzy Fridays. In this weeks issue we'll be taking a look at the reason parents should hit their kids and also reading a news article about a woman that branded her children for identification and ice cream.

But first, lets take a look at quite possibly the most easily aggravated guitar player that ever lived:

‚ÄčI personally just love the comments his friend that's recording all this makes, just like its nothing and this happens all the time

Alright moving on, now this may make me a bad person and usually I never would hit a child but this kid is a special case:
See people, this is why blue smarties were discontinued for a while. My kid turns out like this I'll have to be restrained...

Okay so lets get to our final feature:
Mother Brands Children For Identification Purposes
A mother of two has been arrested for branding her two children so she would know they were hers.

Police said Kayla Oxenham,23, used a lighter to set a stick on fire before pressing it against her childrens bodies in order to mark them so she would know they were her own kids. (what this bitch couldn't recognise her own kids in a line up or something?)
Aged only five and seven, the children told police that their deranged bitch of a mother said she did it so she knew they were hers and also so that they could have ice cream. ( I love ice cream as much as they next guy but seriously I don't think its worth it.)

Alright so that concludes the first entry into fuzzy fridays, if you liked it or hated it leave a comment and let me know, any feedback and ideas for the future will be greatly appreciated. Cya next Friday!

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Some people are just plain bonkers oO

Next one will be posted tomorrow as I have been very busy this week :)

Is the tune that guy is trying to play featured in Dark Souls?

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