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Entry Day One

Posted by Keiya , 22 January 2014 · 4,361 views

Hello brothers,

A while back I posted a campaign geared towards a project which focuses on bringing to life a story which I have been working on piecing together for over a Decade. Since that announcement a few outstanding opportunities have come forth and thus caused me to step back and rethink all prospects before diving in face first. In the current time, however, I would like to commit this leg of information to the GW community to get a little insight beyond what others currently have or will have as we move along. So let's get started with some information.


This story evolves around life, it's meaning, and the hardships that come with it. Though it is disguised in an iron age tale on a strange world bathed in the echoes of battle and high tensions, the meaning speaks very loud and true throughout the story. Through this venture you are on the heels and in the mind of a single individual as he struggles to find answers for secrets long kept from him. Through the understanding he obtains, the balance is tipped in one favor to another which levels between life continuing on or suddenly screeching to a catastrophic end. However, simply because we follow this character does not mean that his intentions are for the best or even those which he combats against aren't far better in their own purposes.

Pitted against an adversary he knows little about which seeks to balance and correct all evils and wrong-doings in the world, these characters struggle to find their own paths which are ultimately linked together into an epic fray of struggle and conflict. But what will the end tell? What shadows lurk over the very existence of life? And more to the proper question; what lurks within those shadows that is so threatening?


This story is one that has various creative and imaginative races, unique scenery, and a one-of-a-kind plot. Heart pounding action, mind boggling twists, and tear-jerking events are packed into this single story. However, this is not a story which is being built into a world that houses only it. Oh no, this is a world which contains this singular story as well as endless others.

Our goal is to not simply complete this story and get a life-long achievement out of my head. The team involved with this project is looking to produce a world with multiple races, creatures, environments, and so on in order to promote the imaginative and creative minds that hunger for new chances to create. Outside of this single story lies endless others just waiting to be shared and we sincerely hope that not only are we successful in our venture to tell this story we have decided upon but the world in which we present it is seen as a pool of endless creative resource.

Aside from myself, a team of artists spearheaded by a very well known (and yet to be named here) are dedicated to bringing the highest quality works of art forth from the very beginning. Our main goal at this point is to finish and release a single installment of the story in graphic format through the help of Crowd Funding. Although we have not made this public just yet, we have already put many, many hours of effort and dedication into this process and have assembled a great amount of art, concepts, story-boarding, and planning. All expenses have been paid out of pocket to date, but with the size of this project it's going to take a little bit more than the average monthly income to complete this in a timely manner.


As updates become available I will keep this blog up to date with the most recent information within allowance. We can't go spoiling everything. So,

Todays Teaser Update - The Cremitian Species

The Cremitian is a Crystaline creature which will be seen in the world of Nefas. These are monstrous creatures with very aggressive personalities. They are more or less much like highly intelligent insects with a "Ruler" that commands over their entire species. Cremitians can range in size, shape, color, and density based on the precious stone it has composed itself out of. A Cremitian is basically a collection of bacteria which drives itself into a mass of raw precious stone. It then integrates itself with said stone, forming a protective body. This body, acting like a mobile shell, is capable of shifting shape, repairing itself by scabbing on similar gem-stones, and much more. Cremitians communicate through a very primitive form of telepathy. They also call the massive unexplored desert wasteland of the planet their home. Any who venture here either never return, or are recovered too broken to share what they have seen.

Example 1 :

Posted Image

Example 2 :

Posted Image

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Soooooooooo much text.


Was this an anime, video game, or CGI Movie/Series? Also have you considered using Indiegogo (Kickstarter but you get all money pledged, not only if you meet a certain limit)

This is actually and original story that a team and I are putting together. We will be following up with crowd funding to gather the support we need to get the first issue done which shouldn't be hard considering the following we already have access to. However even if that fails I will be funding it entirely out of pocket.


It's a very exciting project that I will reveal more on as time gets closer.

So it's a comic book?

Images doesn't work for me unfortunately :/


I like the idea of this, after I read through more on the website I might put some money into this as well.

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JC - Is it something on your end with the images? We may need to do something with using a different method of inserting them if needed.

However that is fantastic to hear. Even if you don't feel the need to contribute at all, just sharing the project with people who you feel might be interested would be a fantastic help with getting the word around. We don't expect people to just fling money at it right off of the bat....then again we did reach OVER our daily goal in just the first day.

Every ounce of help, financial or not, is a massive amount for us.

It is probably on my end, I think it might be the college's proxy server blocking the image address links (I've not got around to checking it out on home PC yet).

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