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Posted by J NOSK36 , 30 December 2013 · 3,253 views

Music Violin Lindsey Stirilng Piano Guys
Hey guys so yeah if you didnt know by now I am a violinist, I have been playing for 13 years now,I am currently going to school for music and I do like to make videos on youtube to show what I can do and if i can, brighten someones day with the music I create.
I got in to music when I was 7 years old first by listening to my inspiration for playing; Charlie Daniels, and also going to watch the Pittsburgh Symphony orchestra play.

I was drawn to the violin because I saw they got all the fun hard parts , the solos, they were the stars of the orchestra. I first heard Charlie Daniels when his song Devil Went Down to Georgia was really popular. I was very young and well I knew i wanted to play an instrument, at my local elementary school music was not big, so i was gonna play the saxophone.

Well the time came and I dont remember how or why, but my school told my parents I wasn't coordinated enough to play a musical instrument, I was crushed but I took it as a challenge and decided to rub it in their faces and play the violin, one of the hardest instruments to play.

My channel is comprised of cover songs, I play anything really, whats popular on the radio, as well as Lindsey Stirling and songs by The Piano Guys.

My time playing has rewarded me greatly, I have personally met Lindsey and The Piano Guys and formed friendships with both artists. I havent succeeded yet as a musician but I know I'm heading in the right direction: I have opened for Gaelic Storm one of my favorite bands. I have also played on stage with The Piano Guys in front of 2,000 people in August of 2013.

I believe my talent was given to me to share with others, to keep it to myself would be selfish.

anyways here is my channel link so if you would like you may view my videos, you can comment here for feedback suggestions for songs if you would like. thanks guys for reading!


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