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Note: Document to be updated when subscriptions go live

Becoming A Subscriber

This is just the generic term for anyone who has donated to the site. Donations can be $5 to any amount you wish and are done via Paypal

The site has a Donation link on the navigation bar which will help you do this. For your convenience here is the link

Subscriber Over Donator

"Subscriptions" last for 12 months from the most recent donation from a member. After 12 months, you loose the features; this is because this site needs donations and adverts to operate.


The benefits for Donators continually get added to as we expand the site. Currently they stand as:

  • Good Karma
  • Banner
  • Custom Username Image on Posts

Custom Usernames

We use GlowTxt to generate username images, however users may submit their own images to crucias@gothicwars.org and he will decide if they are suitable.

Animation = None
Glow Effect = None
Background = Transparent (set this way by default)

General Guidelines
  • Exact Username Only
  • Easily Legible
  • No Animations *
  • 40 Pixels High Max
  • No border on name

We suggest you make the name with GlowTxt and then save it to your PC. Then upload it here and use crop tool to trim the edges back as far as possible, then hit resize and set the vertical size to 40, horizontal will scale automatically. Once done, save it to local and email it to Crucias.

* Animated usernames are granted by Admins for various special reasons
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