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Post Content Rules
  • No malicious trolling. Definition
  • No Flaming. Definition
  • No racist, sexist or other discriminatory remarks.
  • No Anti-Religion remarks. Cults are fair game.
  • No obscene or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • All unacceptable swear words are censored automatically, this will be updated as the mod team deems fit.
  • Do not attempt to bypass the word censoring system.
  • Do not double post.
  • Do not Spam by posting the same thread in multiple locations
  • Do not go off-topic or purposely derail threads.
  • Do not post spoilers in forums where they are not allowed. If you do, use a spoiler tag. Definition
  • Do not link to or advertise other gaming communities unless it is your faction specific website and you are posting in your faction specific (e.g. hidden to others) sections. Fishing for our members will not be tolerated in public sections (this includes Facebook etc as some clans elect to use those instead of proper sites)
  • Out of reciprocal respect: do not recruit for our site from other gaming community sites. Point of sale forums are perfectly fine (eg Space Marine forums OK, Bell of Souls forum BAD). If admin permission is given by forum recruiting from, then this rule would not apply.
  • Do not discuss warez. Definition
  • Game-Play Bickering: Posting a comment that essentially says that one or more styles of play are unfair, cheap, spam, for noobs, etc. While these views may or may-not be valid, they only result in massive petty arguments in the community. If you do not like someones methods, do not play them, vote with your presence, not your voice.
  • If there is a forum section for something, post it in that section
  • Posting challenges in the wrong forum will be considered spam & will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Do not use anyone's person (either their actual person, or created character), or creative work, in your own creative work unless you get written permission. Permission must be obtained individually for each unique piece of creative work.
  • Original works of art may be requested for removal by the creator, this does not extend to all posts
  • Community works of art are the property of the community that created them and no single individual may request their removal.
Word Filter

The following words are replaced with *CENSORED* by the website automatically. As other rules mention, circumnavigating the filter using combinations of funky letters, punctuation and slang words will net you a warning.

This filter list has been compiled by comparing the filter lists on multiple gaming forum sites and selecting those the GC agreed were unacceptable. None of the words listed are required in casual & mature conversation, so there is no excuse for circumnavigating the filter.

Images and Posts containing, or relating to the words on this list are also unacceptable. If you believe a word that is not on this list should be added, please feel free to contact a member of the GC to state your case.

The filter will be expanded as required by circumstances arising on the website.

Sometimes videos and musics posted contain these words and we cannot always prevent this. So videos and music that focus on banned words will be removed, but ones that merely contain them in passing will be tolerated - based on a word to word basis (some such the 10th one down will not be accepted)

Private Messaging
  • Do not use PM's or the Email System to harass other members.
  • Do not use PM's or the Email System to circumvent any other forum rule.
  • Do not post PM contents for people who are not involved in that Private Message to see.
  • Exception: Moderation complaints that require said PM as evidence
Images and Links

  • No images of and/or links to pornography.
  • No images of and/or links to racist/sexist/or other hateful material.
  • No images of and/or links to Anti-Religious Material.
  • No images of and/or links to obscene or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Do not link to warez. Definition
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