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What Is It?
The Governing Council is a board made up of Staff and Members. It's purpose is to debate the best possible course of action in response to events that arise on this site.

There is a mistake impression that Admins make all the decisions on this site. The correct statement is that Admins handle the daily decisions, while the Governing Council controls all the major decisions such as policy and dismissal. The Governing Council are now the true masters of this site.

How Are They Picked?
While the initial influx of members was chosen by staff based on criteria founded in community respect and maturity of judgement and conduct (especially the ability to debate opposite opinions professionally), all further elections were/are be handled by the Council itself. Upon signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement required to serve, successfully voted Leaders will be given access and added to this roster.

Who Is On It?
  • Staff
    • CruciasNZ
    • Armored Priest
    • Thugren
  • Community
    • Lord Ariok
    • JC 042
    • J0ker2610
    • Metalhead666X
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