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Golden Rules
  • If a rule can logically be apply outside of the section it's listed in, then it likely does.
  • If a rule is not written a moderator can add it on the spot and hold you to it retrospectively if the offense is serious enough (eg Harassment)
  • Global Moderators and Admins will interpret these rules according to their sense of morals and ethics and act accordingly
  • Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse to break them as you are informed of them during registration. Definition
  • If you think something might be against the rules, it probably is.
  • Please Note: All forum posts and other shared information become the property of the forum. By posting on this site you are agreeing with this condition.
Misc Rules
  • Ad-Blockers are not allowed, please disable them on this site. If you wish to stop viewing ads then please donate.
  • Do not join more than one chapter/warband group at once in the same category. If you are caught you will be banned.
  • Do not submit multiple support tickets for the same issue. They will be considered spam and dealt with accordingly.
  • Do not use the support center to harass the support team.
  • Should you actively post Pony spam the staff reserve the right to counter-troll you for the good of the general population
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