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Faction Rules
  • Factions must adhere to the Forum Rules
  • Faction Leaders must respect Moderation Staff in matters of forum discipline of their members
  • Faction Leaders must moderate their private forums to the same rules and standard as the global forums are
  • Faction Leaders must not create or re-identify their faction to be the same as a pre-existing faction without first consulting that faction
  • While it is possible to join more than one faction in a category (eg Game) this will result in being banned for spying
  • Logos, Wallpapers and Banners must conform to forum rules regarding images
  • Failure to follow these rules may result in reprimands or removal of a faction and/or it's members
  • Starting and continuing flame wars will not be tolerated
  • Leaders must respect the wishes and wellbeing of their members
    • If they are voted out they must peacefully transfer Faction Leadership on this site
    • If they are going to go on extended leave they must make arrangements for the continuation of command
    • Staff will change passwords on Leaders accounts in order to transfer Leadership if required
    • Failure to maintain a standard of respect and decency will result in forced abdication and/or banning
  • Factions must not recruit or promote their Faction within other Factions threads, or inappropriate forum areas (eg promoting for an SM Faction within the BF4 forums)
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